The Specials - "Friday night, Saturday morning"

Here is a fantastically stupendous track 


The Specials

(not the original video but shot in Coventry and goes excellent with the song…Well done to the maker!)

"I don't like life when things get dull..."

Seriously guys, this song is EPIC!!! The first time I heard this song was this year at the Isle of Wight Festival during their live performance. I just can't get over how accurate some of the lyrics is and I bet almost all of us can relate to it one way or another, be it through our friends, boy friends, reckless family members (you know whom I'm talking about, that uncle of yours…) or just the jolly public in general… 

Good times… Gooood times…!

Okay so this song actually came out wayyyyy back in 2000 when I was still a pre-pubescent delinquent :p Although The Specials is not exactly a very popular (or known) band in Asia they have had some really hit successes with politics themed songs such as the 80s UK unemployment themed "Ghost town" and 1984's single hit "(Free) Nelson Mandela" as a protest against the apartheid imprisoning the great South African leader. Boy am I glad to have gone to the IOW festival and watch them perform live!! I thought it back then and I do think it still, "where were they all these years?"

The band formed in 1977 specialising in 2 tone and ska music. The band has always strongly voiced their views on politics and campaigned against racism through their music along with them promoting mixed genres of punk rock, ska, raggea, ska, etc. and integrating black and white musicians in one band. The band has also seen many talents who joined and left the band from time to time (much like the Pussycat dolls, only less promiscuous :p), at present the members consists of Terry Hall as the lead singer (with a very nostalgic voice), vocalist/guitarist Lynval Golding, bassist Horace Panter, drummer John Bradbury, and guitarist Roddy Radiation among the original few who still attend concerts and go on The Specials tours. Neville Staple "the original rude boy" was (and still is for their various world tours) the ska specialist. The band had split briefly between 1982-84. They reunited again under the name "The Specials AKA" during which they produced their hit single "(Free) Nelson Mandela" but re-split soon afterwards.  Ever since they have performed several tours together but never reunited as the original lineup. 

Well, whether they reunite in the near or far future as the original band or not, I only wish they keep spreading their messages and view through their amazing music to the next generation. 


Loads of love,