Stoned in love

Wow! Been about 8 years now since it came out and damn, it never gets old for me... I remember back in 2006 hearing the intro beat for the first time and finding it rather amusing but as soon as the beat dropped I was like "Sold!" Chicane did a brilliant job once again since his hit single "Don't give up" ft. Brian Adams (God is that song magical!!!).

But the best part is not just the captivating beat or Chicane's commendable music production but the extremely sexy voice of legendary Tom Jones. Gosh! I love that voice!!! It had me at hello or "if" in this case :p Seriously, for me he might as well have the sexiest voice in the world. If my man sang to me like that………………………….O.O

God, I was so obsessed with it, I literally used to listen to it 5-6 times in full blast every day in my CD player during my school days…

Here, listen to it yourself and decide:

Hope you liked it too :) No worries either way...

Lots of stoned love,