Quick DIY: Daisy shoes

So, I bought these a year ago at sports direct. Yup, you CAN find pretty footwears at stores well known for its sportsgears if you actually look for it!

Anyway, while my dad was looking for a decent sports shoe there, mom and I went to the ladies section looking for things, you know, ladies love shopping, window or otherwise, or just frolicking through malls... It was there that I spoted these white pretty pair of cuteness. They were bright and delicate looking with see through lace all over. But what attracted me that most were the inner floral soles of the shoes, me being flower fanatic and all, and also my shoes that was wearing at the time were killing me with blisters! Coincidentally I was also wearing a jumpsuit that went perfectly with the shoes so there you go, I just bought them without a second thought!

Of course when I wear the shoes it actually does not matter what sole it has since it gets hidden but, it's just the feeling to own something pretty, in or out. Well, the shoes are pretty on their own and "oh-my-god so comfy" too, but not quite as well shaped when worn as a nice rigid pump would be, probably that's why it is comfy, since the fabric accomodates the feet in the best way possible, compromising its own shape a little. So, I decided to do something to make them look pretty regardless.

For this I used:
1. My pretty pair of white lace shoes
2. White crochet daisy trims
3. A pair of scissors
4. An all purpose glue

Step 1: First of all I cut the daisy trim into 16 individual daisy appliques

Step 2: Then using the all purpose glue I stuck the appliques, 8 on each shoes at the front region of the shoes.


And there you go... A quick DIY project to make a dull aging (or new) pair of pumps summery and ready for a day out in just two easy steps!

Till next DIY,

Love always,