Quick DIY: Daisy bracelet

This is another quick and easy DIY that is pretty, chic, summery, yet sooooooo simple. I am loving it!

Here is how… First of all you would need:
1. A pair of scissors
2. White daisy crochet trimming
3. Yellow and golden nail paints

Choose your tools!
 1. First of trim a small section from the trimmings enough to go around the wrist comfortably.

Cut a small section of trimming enough for to fit around the wrist
2. Now colour the centre of the daisies yellow.

Yellow centres
3. Now this step is optional, you can add blobs of golden nail paint too to add sparkle to your daisies :)

Oooh… Sparkles!!!

4. Lastly, clasp the two ends together however you like it, either use a hook, a crab claw clasp or just a safety pin for the edge ;)

And there go!!!


Wasn't that easy? Goes exquisitely well with my dandy DIY daisy shoes :p :)

Till next DIY… So long my lovelies…

Love always,