Nutella café mocha

Coffee is my comfort drink as well as a guilty pleasure, either as cappuccino, latté, frappuccino, iced, spiced, flavoured, or just plain with milk. I just love it. I can even drink coffee on the hottest of the days! (Well, it's meant to cool you down so it's rather a good idea)

However, the one beverage that I really enjoy and have on a regular basis is my favourite chocolatey coffee drink - mocha. So, today when I went to make myself a nice cup of joe I suddenly noticed my jar of Nutella. Naturally, it clicked and I decided "Nutella mocha it is!"

Such a simple and delicious recipe, wonder why I don't do it often! For this, all you need:

1.) Coffee - either ready-made granules, filtered or however you like your coffee
2.) Some milk - depends on your level of bitterness :p
3.) Hot water
4.) 1-2 (or more) teaspoons full of nutella

So, in a cup add your coffee, nutella and the amount of milk you usually like with your coffee, some like it bitter some like it too milky. You don't have to put it if you don't want. I personally prefer somewhere in the middle so I used 1:1 ration of coffee and nutella i.e. 1.5 teaspoon of coffee with 1.5 teaspoon of nutella and just a dash of milk. Turned out slightly sweeter but yummy! 

But the perfect concoction totally depends on your own taste, like for mild mocha taste add more milk and water than usual, for stronger coffee add more coffee than usual and so on.

Mix well cause you know nutella is a bugger when blending with things. Generally in my normal coffee (without chocolate) I like to add baileys or irish cream but that would only mingle with the nutella flavour and not in a way I prefer.

Now, lastly "just add water!" Mix thoroughly making sure the nutella is completely dissolved, and…(stirring! stirring! stirring!)… It's done!