Miss Kris Turner

Okay, there are a lot of blogs, fashion and otherwise, where I draw my inspirations from. I especially love A pair and a spareHonestly WTFP.S. I made itStripes and sequinsBecause I'm addictedI SPY DIYLove MaeganThanks I made itHigh on DIYMatter of Style (check her this trick out for embroidered top!), and the list goes on... ;) They are my favourite way of procrastination and spending lazy sunday noons. Here are 10 more (or 8 rather as I mentioned two already) DIY blogs on craft and home decor. 

However, lately I have been completely addicted to one in particular not only cause her DIYs are exclusively creative yet incredibly easy but SHE is the reason the whole blog is so much fun to read... I'm talking about the blogger from Glitter n glue, Miss Kristen Turner.

Charming, stylish, sassy, elegant, energetic curvaceous power house, Kris Turner is all but boring. Wether it's her extreme creativity, her artistry, her diva attitude, her photogenic poses or just simply her clever puns, her blog posts are always a treat to read. I found her blog just about 2 months ago while looking up some shoe DIYs and boy was I hooked! 

Check her style out:

Such a diva…

Sorry I didn't link each picture to her pages but if you go to her website you'll find the posts there :) She has her own youtube channel where she shows the various DIYs she's done. You can also check her projects on Pinterest. Her fabulous pictures are generally taken by Sylvia Gunde.

Kris is someone I draw a hell lot of inspiration from. Hoping to make a few of the DIYs inspired by her one of these days. See ya creative cats soon

Love always,