Mango and donut peach lassi

Summer time always brings such joys especially in the northern most regions of the world. There are ice creams, smoothies, cool icy drinks, lemonade, bbqs, ice creams, mangoes, watermelons,  sun bathing with whole day's supply of vitamin D, summer berries,  ice creams, beach basking, frolicking by the sea, hot pants and daisy dukes,  ice creams, lazy weekends by the swimming pool and of course, MORE ice creams. Ah! such life… How can you not like summer? Well, of course regions closer to equator have it much harsh, but ever more excuse to indulge in MORE summer goodies!!!

Personally, I have loved summer and the torrential rain that it brings along. But we have our good days and bad. The heat could get overwhelming at times, especially way back when I was in India, and we would get quite desperate and even do the rain dance for the sky to open up and pour. LOL! Fun memories… Anyway, this summer, I am planning to enjoy every bit of it by trotting up to some on the finest UK beaches, having delicious summer berries for dessert, and sipping on some refreshing cool drinks... speaking of which, what else could scream "SUMMER" better than delicious cool lassis made from summer fruits such as my mango and donut peach lassi?

Taste the coolness of yogurt and burst of mango and peach...

2 Mangos
2 Donut peaches
1 cup (450g) greek yogurt sweetened with honey

Procedure is very simple. All you need to do is blend the ingredients together till smooth and then either freeze to enjoy it later as froyo, or dunk in some plain donuts for flavoured treats, or just gulp it down as regular refreshing yogurt smoothie ;)

And that is literally it!

You can substitute the yogurt with milk, lactose free yogurt or vegan yogurt, and use more varieties of fruit like berries, apricots, papayas, etc. Just use freshest of the fresh fruits to enjoy the flavour the best… 

So, I hope you enjoy your little drink. Do check out my strawberry lassi as well… Let me know how best you enjoy your summer this year :) Till then,

Love always,

JB’s Kitchen