"It's finger painting good"

Hey hey my dear lovely artists and art critics... Here is another edition of hyper realistic art. Introducing Zaria Forman.

Incredibly talented Brooklyn based Zaria has the ability to paint hyper realistic icy landscapes or choppy tropical seas using nothing but her own fingers. Each paintings may take up to a whole month but patience does always pay off as my mama done told me one too many times too.

Quoting daily motion "Her main focus is pictures of the ocean, with much of her art taking the form of pictures of sea spray on the shore, or water cascading over rocks or icebergs." She has recreated the landscapes she observed to "document the ever-changing beauty of regions affected by climate change." Inspiring really.

Inspired from her Arctic expeditions to the icy coasts of Greenland these massive paintings were originally ideas of her mother who unfortunately could not live long enough to see it turned to reality. So, Zaria carried out the journey alone as a tribute to her beloved mother. A beautiful tribute I must say...

Her "Greenland 2012" paintings mainly focused on the sea and the icebergs, but also sometimes emphasized on the minor little details such as sea sprays and clouds.

But not just Greenland and its snow filled landscapes, she has also travelled extensively to coastal planes such as Costa Rica, Norway, the Maldives, Israel, etc. and captured the choppy waves, high tides and still seas at different times of the day and different regions in the sea as well.

Costa Rica

And the Maldive series: 


She isn't just known in the art circle alone, her creations have fetched her worldwide acclaim, even taking her to hollywood where 10 of her arts were also featured in a Netflix series called "House of cards" directed by David Fincher starring Kevin Spacey. 

She has also done amazing black and white hyper realistic pictures with pastel and charcoal on paper  that were used in sets of the classic ballet Gissele as backdrops at Geneva, Switzerland in 2012. The intricate details and the hyper realism of the paintings are just unbelievable.

Zaria's official website is www.zariaforman.com where you can view all her old to recent arts and also buy them for 1000s of pounds (dollars). Expensive yes, but then again for all the time, patience, skill and commitment spent on these murrals I think it's only fair to charge that much!

Have fun browsing through her website...

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Loads of love,

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