"I,2,3 Drink"

Lately I am obsessed with the song:


by Sia

Wow, the vocals and lyrics are so powerful. To me they themselves are enough to take this song through to become one of the best of 2014. I must say, Sia does have an incredible voice,
I really liked her vocals in "Titanium" where I heard them for the first time. And her lyrical skills are quite strong and inspirational such as Beyonc√©'s "Pretty hurts". But "Chandelier" is probably one of her best works till now. And when I saw the video, the meaning felt so much deeper. Maddie Ziegler, 11, (from Dance moms) is such an incredible dancer and such a cutie too! 

So, when I was going through the video and at the end turned to the comments section for some light on people's views (and that's why I love youtube… The hilarious arguments of chavs to some of the eye opening factoids presented are just plain entertaining on their own XD) I got millions of interpretation about the song and the video. A lot complained about the skin coloured leotard but mostly about the randomness of the dance. And most commended the powerful voice of Sia, excellent emotions conveyed by Maddie with her dance, the meaning behind the song and the overall performance. 

Well, Maddie's dance, while random is not out of sync and if you look closely, she is actually expressing the song beautifully. A lot of people agree on the fact that Sia is actually singing about her own issues with alcoholism in the song and how it has affected her… Quite sad really…

Here is my interpretations:

The song is sang by a "party girl" who is an alcoholic. She is holding on just for the night (from the lyrics) because she knows that when morning comes and she is all sober, she will be engulfed with guilt and shame again. The video shows a little girl in Sia's signature blonde wig dancing like a maniac, at times like a ballerina, and at times just jumping around. It conveys to me that as a person who is drunk, the singer feels like a child, free to do anything, sing, dance, jump or swing from a chandelier with nothing and no one to care about. However, it will only last for the night while the glass is kept full, for the next day will be another sad story of realisations…  It also shows her vulnerability hence the nude leotard.

Well I hope you like the song. If not, no worries :)

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