DIY: Dolce and Gabbana embellished shoes

So, I came across these heavenly embellished jewelled shoes by D&G and I really wanted to get one for myself. Well, ideally it is possible if I walked around carrying 1000s of pounds in my purse like daily… But I don't so, well, that option is out for now…

Inspiration: Dolce and Gabbana

But seriously, aren't these babies something?

And I have seen some wicked DIYs on this by the likes of one of my biggest DIY inspirators - Maegan Tintari from love Maegan… Check out her exact replica of one of these fine D&G specimens:
Maegan's DIY D&G shoes
But I'm an engineering student and I am lazy… Well, they go hand in hand really :p, so I tried doing it in much much easier ways with shortcuts ;)

Here's how:

1. 1st of all you'd need the most important thing to do this DIY: A pair of bling shoes!

Luckily I had a pair that was almost as if meant for this very DIY ;) It is a pair of golden sequin heels. Now you didn't expect me to have bought it from a store did you? Nope! Well, if I came across one at New Look, Zara, River Island or Topshop I definitely would have bought them right away, but I didn't, so I ordered it on eBay for less than £10! Cheap and easy. True story! ;)

Ooooo... Shiny!!!
2. I also bought a bag full of jewel embellishment flatbacks that I could also use for my other crafts and DIYs.

Candy crystal crush!
3. Lastly… "Stick 'em up!" You would need a good industrial strenth craft glue and a twizer to apply the glue easily on those little crystal buggers.

Tools just right

Now let's go…
Step 1:
Grab your delicious golden sequined heels.  

Step 2:
Sew or glue on some gems on it. Ideally (as adviced by Maegan) it is best to make sure the sequins hide the gem edges as they may make the whole thing look rather cheap and bring down the quality. Frankly, I'm fine with it any way. 

You can also add more golden sequins and embellishments… More the merrier ;) But I didn't have to.




And that is all folks... Now, wasn't that easy?


Now, for those of you ardent DIYers, if you want to make the DIY from scratch (well, that does not include making the shoes of course) or in case you find it difficult to find a nice pair of sequin shoes you can very well follow the ellaborate tutorial by Maegan in her blog. It is quite detailed and beautifully illustrated... Very easy to follow... OR alternatively you can follow another version that is quicker, simpler and requires lesser sewing and gluing. 

Here's how:

Making your own sequin heels
You'd need a pair of shoes, preferably golden but dark is fine too, a gold sequin fabric piece (at least a fat quarter, i.e 18" by 22"), embellishment gems as necessary, and fabric glue, and, if you are feeling too dedicated, needle and thread.

Now, fisrt thing you need to do is cut out the sequin fabric in a template similar to the one shown below. The tip size depends on the width of one's own shoes of course. You don't have to be extremely precise at this stage. Well, thank god for that cause I can never cut straight for the life of me!

Well this one was for cake decor fondant :p but it works none the less.
This is to cover the bodies of both the shoes. (You can do this step after covering the shoes or before) One by one glue on the embellishements.  Now, stick the two embellished sequin pieces on to the shoes with some industrial glue. The final trimming is done once the fabric is placed in position and you can tidy up the edges accordingly, and you're alllll done ;) 


Well.... My question is: Why would you want to toil so much when you can get it done in just 2 easy steps like me???

Let me know what you think and how you'd like to do it yourself.

Hope you enjoyed the little DIY tutorial. Remember, I try to make DIYs that are easy to do (cause I am lazy ;P), non time consuming (as I hardly get enough time to do them), and does not break your bank since as I've mentioned before, I am still a student and money matters A LOT. Being a student has taught one great trick to find things without burning holes in the pocket. Stick on and I'll teach you alllll my tricks ;) 

Till next time... 

With Loads of love, 

JB k