DIY: Crochet studs

Here is a really really reeeeaaaaally simple DIY (quite embarrassing how simple it is actually) that I never thought of before! You only need just two items for it.

Step 1: 

So first of all you will need two crochet flowers of your shape, style and colour.

I chose green lace daisies. If you don't have coloured lace flowers you can colour a white one with fabric colours, just like I coloured my white guipure lace daisy grass green.

Step 2:

Next, select a pair of studs to go over the flowers. To go with my daisy lace flowers I used my favourite metal-enamel daisy studs.

Step 3

Now just put the studs through the lace flowers.

And there you go!


Aren't they cute? So simple… Who would have thunk it ;)!

I am going to try making some more in different colours and variety of studs. Till then, have a good weekend :) 

Love always,