Birthday gift for my friend - "Why so serious?"

So, today is my friend's (and in a way a mentor's) birthday and he had organised a mid-summer bbq party at his for his birthday. I wanted to give him something nice, something special. But alas! I had not had the time to come up with anything interesting and original, neither did I have time to go for a gift shopping what with all the illness and piled up work from the whole week. Now, when I gift someone I always like to give what the person might need, or just like to own, always keeping their interests and personality in mind. So, for my friend, I know for one that he LOVES movies, TV and video games. He is also totally into comics and we even call him our very own Batman :p. Well, Batman is my ultimate hero too. So, naturally I wanted to gift him something related to Batman. But what? I just had no idea :(

Just then I remembered something really awesome, my doodle hero Kerby Rosanes. I love all his doodle creations but one in particular takes the cake, the portrait of my most favourite comic and movie character as well as villain of all time - Joker. So there, I was immediately inspired to recreate his Joker doodle that had blown my mind the minute I'd seen it last year during Halloween... Well, given the time scale (I only had about an hour to finish and get to his place) I tried my best to make a little replica of Kerby's Joker. Of course mine is no where as cool and intricate as the original, and I would not like to claim anything otherwise either or take credit for the idea. Just hope my friend likes it :)

Here is my little sketch done with a black ball point pen, made in about 45 minutes.

What do you think?


With love...