DIY: "Oooh! So sassy" D&G inspired floral sunglasses

Look what we have here!!!
Here is my latest DIY summer trend alert: Dolce and Gabbana inspired 3D floral sunglasses. I have been wanting to do this since a while now and guess what, I didn't have to spend a single dime on it at all. Hmmm… Wonder why I hadn't done it before...? Oh well… Here we go…

My inspirations: 


eBay: Isn't it such a darling accessory to own???

And a lot of DIY divas from around the globe that I love to follow such as Honestly WTF, Reese Kistel and etailPR to name a few. 
And the extreme version is the one from yohjihatesfashion.

May be the reason I didn't do it before was probably because I was under the impression that it would take me a while to get the things ready and another while to make it. Lol… I was soooo wrong! Let's get started and you'll understand… 

You will need H:

1. A pair of sunglasses

Any pair with fairly broad rims will do, either oversized or normal. I had a pair with white rims thankfully, ages old. The glasses are pretty cool with "striation" texture on the glasses that make it look as if the glass is tearing…

My chic pair of glasses
I bought it when white rims were the bee's knees wayyy back in 2007. Saw it in Time's magazine "trend alert" where Drew Barrymore rocked the look. Well, I guess I don't rock the look the same but I just love the glasses a lot…

2. Flower beads

Any type would do. I used bright plastic roses and pale lilac fimo roses. I didn't use any of my (MANY) metal rose spacers that I have since I wanted it to look as delicate as the original. Metal would give it an edgy appeal, which isn't bad per say,  just not what I want. Here are two of the four types of flower beads I used:

My lilac fimo flowers
These are the very same fimo flowers that I used for my broken pot renovation DIY. They make everything look soooo pretty... Love them… s

3. Lastly an all-purpose glue

I used an all purpose glue that goes transparent after drying since I am such a mess queen. You can use industrial strength glues such a E6000 or super glue as well, or the DIY all time favourite - hot glue guns.

aBegin operation:

Glue the centre piece first. My starting point was the outer most corners of the top part of the rim. You can glue either the largest flower there as all the other DIY bloggers have done or just use one that you want as your centre piece. I used the brightest one :p My bright hot pink plastic rose.

Apply glue at the ba..… Huh! Like I even need to tell you how to do that… Just grab the flowers and glue on...

My pretty bright centre piece

Now, one by one build the pattern you want around the reference point, your first flower... Use all sorts of sizes and colours to make it as funky as you like, or keep it the same hue like Reese Kistel's to keep it sweet and sober. I am impulsive and love bold statements so I used as many sizes and colours I had available ;)


Right side
I think it turned out better than I expected. What do you think?

Left side
If you notice, I used the largest flower at a little lower position. That is because the glasses itself were design such that it makes a round face like mine seem even more round. So I used the larger flower at the sides of the rim that touches my cheek bones just to give more dimensions to my face. See how it looks…

Through the glasses
Head to the left...
All the accessories I need
I soooooo D it :D And it even makes my round face slightly less round :p

Can't get enough of its own reflection :p ;)

I hope you enjoyed it as much I enjoyed making it. It is really simple and hardly took me 10minutes tops. The best part, you don't have to break your bank or even hunt for the little beads, all you need is your old jewellery and you can have a custom hand-made lavish designer sunglasses that you'll never get enough of. Have fun making your own ;)

Loads of Love,