Oleg Oprisco

Okay, first take a good look at these pictures:

These are masterpieces created by a professional photographer Oleg Oprisco. Amazing aren't they? But here is the real amazing part… No, they are not photoshopped at all, nor are they taken by a high-tech professional super expensive DSLR camera. These are in fact taken with $50 analogue cameras (kiev 6C and kiev 88 in particular)! Yes, I was indeed equally astounded as you are.

When it comes to photography, THIS is real talent. Proves it does not require a super camera just to get a beautiful vision right. According to Oleg, the scenes from real life are the perfect inspiration for him as "there is so much beauty to it". No doubt, all the photos are natural, un-edited and all are his own brain children that he had envisioned, then created the scenario and the environment, then brought to reality. As a mild observation, seems like he has a thing for red heads and slender frames ;) I was honestly dumb-founded when I first saw his work… Just incredible! He also toils to take all the initiatives and choose his own props, locations and costumes. As Oleg advices, “Shoot, shoot, and shoot some more. What else to say? Drop your job and shoot … if you feel that’s what you want. Freedom, happiness, money… all will come after you let go and just shoot.”

Oleg and Kristy Mitchell are the two of my favourite photographers who have recreated enchanting scenes all by themselves without the help of photoshop that seems just too extraordinary to be real.

Love always,