Mayfield Lavender farm

Just on the highway, couple of miles from London somewhere in Surrey is the 25-acres organic lavender farm blooming in purple glory from mid June through July all the way till late August. Mayfield Lavender Farm is one of the largest lavender fields in UK that we can all relish. During the summers, when the sun is bright, the heat just right and the sky copper blue, just drive up to Surrey on A2022 and pop in to the most beautiful field in the entire country to enjoy the ephemeral resplendence of these little wonders.

To be honest, although the farm is open from 1st of June till the end of september, 9-6 everyday, June is not exactly the perfect time to visit the farm as most of the flowers are still at their early stage and the fragrance isn't all that strong either. The best time for a visit to witness the bedazzling splendour of the blossoms buzzing with bees and laden with powerful overwhelming scent is between the end of July to mid-August. The pedestrian entry is generally free with parking cost about £2 (starting from mid June till the end of season), and the place is available for hire for commercial shoots and special occasions such as weddings too! 

Such an enchanting place, a single visit can never be enough, even the reviews agree. We are certain to return next month when the flowers are at its magnificent best! However, we had our lovely moments and did manage to get some amazing pictures. 


Such colour, much flowers, WOW! 

And finally, don't forget the treats and the gifts… There is a tinnie-little tea/gift shop just at the corner by the main entrance that sells all sorts of lavender goodies such as planted pots of different varieties like folgate, grosso and maillete, lavender scented soap cakes, oil, cookies, cooking essence, pot-pouries, etc. You can also grab yourself these lovely bunches of freshly cut lavenders too if you please (as we did… Oh yes we did indeed!)

We also had the privilege of indulging in delightful refreshments complete with assortments of lavender flavoured tea and cup-cakes...


In all, it was an absolute treat. 

So, if you haven't yet planned your summer holidays well here's something for your summer to do in UK.  Just wander into the farm for a weekend picnic, where you can enjoy the view, sit by the lovely benches or under the one great big tree among the flowers and take gorgeous pictures of the jolly moments. I would certainly love to do it again...

On another note, every year Mayfield Lavender farm hosts an annual photo competition to select the best photograph taken by the visitors. Winner is awarded cash prize of £200! I'm not sure if I would enter the competition this year but let's see... Might as well just try out my "creativity" and luck ;)!

What I'm wearing:
1. My bloom necklace that I made
2. White vest (Matalan)
3. Lilac chiffon maxi skirt (ebay)
4. Bracelets in brass and pearl (New Look)
5. Bloom ring (Accessorize)

Lavenders are simply amazing… So little yet packed with such wonders… Pocket size power house that is! If in UK during summer, you must, and I mean MUST visit Mayfield at least once or else you haven't seen it all :)

Find it at:

Mayfield Lavender Field

Croydon Lane,


With Love and lavenders,