Gold and coral nails DIY

Here is my two-toner nail colour. It is quite simple yet classy without being tacky. Well, just the way I like it… It gives me the sassy Gatsby appeal that I so love.

All you need is a bottle of gold shimmer nail paint and a bottle of coral red nail paint. Now, ain't that a pretty combo e?!

So, here we go:
(Disclaimer: I couldn't take proper pictures of the procedure so made an ugly digital image instead :p Sorry… Will do better for the next one, promise!)

First coat the nails with the gold nail paint. Now, I coated the whole nail but you can paint just the half as well but covering one half of the nail. I don't really mind the texture on my nails that the glitters give so I went ahead with full nail coat. Besides, am too lazy :p

First coat of gold

Next, coat one half of the nail with coral enamel. Just a few strokes from the bottom of the cuticles to the free end. You can either use a tape to cover the gold half if you are scared that the lines won't be straight. Or if you are an expert just go for it ;)

Once coated your nails should look like this:

Final look

Well, the gold nail paint I used is actually a clear enamel solution with tinnie-tiny gold sequins that can be used as a top coat to give a special shimmer to any other nails colours. 

In case wondering, I used claire's nail paints (the two from the far right, both top and bottom).

Claire's pack of 6 delicious nail colours.

Well there you go… Now you are set… All ready to rumble ;)!

Can't get enough of how gorgeous it turned out to be. Might be a bit plain too… But then again, I love simple :) What do you think?

With pearls it looks ever more retro. Love the Rihanna pearl rimmed glasses inspired from her 2012 Victoria's secret runaway performance as she sang her hit single "Diamonds"… I got mine from eBay for just £3.99 B) 

Try it and let me know what pretty combos you come up with…

Have fun…

Love always,