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Living Camera: Stephen Wiltshire

A genius by birth, Stephen Wiltshire is a phenomenal artist who can draw landscapes of cities  in extreme details just by looking at it once. His art is so spectacular that he is even honoured with MWE (Member of the order of the British Empire). Aptly nicknamed "the living camera" he has the insane ability to draw landscapes detailed down to the T after only single (or sometimes double) brief helicopter rides. 

London based architectural artist, Stephen was diagnosed as autistic when he was 3 years. Probably the reason for his astounding photographic memory and ability to recreate it... Although some are also made from his own imagination with a twist of dark humour, such as St. Paul cathedral surrounded by fire, or post-earthquake ruins of a city. I am so perplexed at the creativity and artistry of this fantastic man, not to forget his incredible photographic memory, kinda wish he sat for my exams now. Lol!

Here are some of his world renowned paintings and sketches:

"London burning" most probably drawn from his imagination
London street
City of Glasgow
The Eiffel tower, Paris 
Stephen with his "Spiritual home", NYC
 Equipped with mostly a sharpie or a pencil and nothing much else, he has made some really dumb-strucking masterpieces like the panoramic landscapes of the city of Rome, Tokyo, New York, etc. Occasionally he also adds a bit of colour to certain parts of the painting to give character to his already amazing pictures, such as red colouring to the double decker London busses, or blue colouring to a river in the picture of a mostly black and white cityscape.

Bird's eye view of London as a globe.
Bustling city of London
Stephen drawing his much acclaimed 18-foot long landscape of New York City.
Quite awe-inspiring isn't he? One must commend his skills, mind and patience… Read all about him and more at

Well, my dearest folks, hope you enjoyed reading something new about someone as cool as Stephen. Hope to visit his Gallery in London sometimes soon. 

Until next time with more inspiring art posts,

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