Ok call me slow but  I recently (like a few minutes ago) found this amazing track that I had never heard of, by this cool band I had never heard of. LOL! The band, Everything everything, is a british Indie band that formed in late 2007. This awesome track called "don't try" was released last year in January for their second hit studio album Arc.

"Arc" album cover
The first time I heard the song (during lunch today on Surge radio at Uni cafeteria) I thought it might be Pharrell Williams or Adam Levine perhaps for the first few seconds. The crooning and the pitch somewhat matching with theirs. But once the song started to pace up I was getting slightly more convinced that the vocals must be of P. Williams. I was mildly surprised to find four british men in a bizarre video singing a sensation. The song is really good, although the video is kinda creepy and downright weird. Watch it for yourself :)

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