Chocolate pasta sauce

"There is nothing better than a bowl of good spaghetti and meatballs, except a bowl of good spaghetti and meatballs with chocolate…"

I love fresh fruits and vegetables. I have to have them everyday. At home I always have fresh tomatoes and onion for cooking. Oh! what would life be without the two???? I could make whatever so long as I have them… So, I've heard from a fellow foodie that the best meatballs spaghetti dish he ever tasted had chocolate in it… and ever since I have been wanting to try it out :)
  Here is my simple recipe of chocolate pasta sauce. Of course it isn't that kind of chocolate sauce which is poured on pancakes and waffles but more like a bit of chocolate added to normal pasta sauce while cooking to enhance flavour and give that special enchanting cocoa taste. It's a simple recipe that required only chopping and tossing. Your sauce pan should do the rest ;). Anyway, here's what I did...

First of all, prepare the ingredients:

1. 4 large fresh tomatoes - chopped.  Only the freshest would do for me but you can use a can of chopped tomatoes instead too.

2. 1 humungous onion (or large will do) - chopped

3. 3-4 cloves of Garlic - crushed

4. 1 large sweet pepper - sliced

5. 2 teaspoons of italian herbs... love your greens - preferably rosemary, thyme, basil and Oregano. Or if you are not too big on spices and herbs just use the one you like… I leave it up to you.

6. 2 cubes of dark chocolate - there is nothing stopping you from using milk chocolate. I used dark chocolate cause I wanted more flavour and less sugar. But help yourself to whichever. You can even add a teaspoon of hot cocoa powder (unsweetened or sweetened) instead of chocolate cubes.

7. Pinch of salt to taste

8. 1 tablespoon soya sauce (optional) - cause I love it, I add it in almost all my savoury dishes but it is a taste thing. You don't have to add it.

9. 30-40g cheese - I love cheddar in my pasta

10. 1 tablespoon Olive oil

11. Butter only if you enjoy its flavour in your sauces.

Now, cooking time:

In a pan add a dash of olive oil and let it heat. Once heated, add garlic and let it golden. Then add the onions. Once it reaches the stage where it looks goldenish transparent and smells amazing, time to add the pepper and the tomatoes. Simmer in medium heat.

Now, while the tomatoes are cooking, add salt and soya sauce. Cover and cook for 18 minutes. Stir occasionally

Remove the cover after 18 minutes. The tomatoes should be all mushy and almost done by now. At this stage, you can add the cheese and the chocolate. Cover again for about 5-6 minutes at higher heat. This is usually the time I like to add some vegetables such as peas, carrots, mushrooms, etc. to my sauce if I would want it packed with vege goodness and let cook for 10 minutes…  But not today.

Stir everything well. Cheese and chocolate should have melted by now. You can add butter if you prefer just to add taste, but not necessary.


Now enjoy the chocolate-saucy deliciousness with some pasta and meatballs…

With loads of love,

JB’s Kitchen