Adieu Spring 2014

Today spring 2014 has officially ended…

I really hate to see it go :( This year the spring has been a very interesting time for me. I got to enjoy all the lovely flowers, visit tulip farm and rapeseed field, I got to go to States and enjoy the blossoms there, my favourite - FIFA world cup started, the spring flowers inspired me to do some fab DIYs (LOT more to come), but the best bit is - I've now discovered a whole new list edible flowers and all the things I can make with them… 
I've been nibbling away on these flowers (listed as edible) like jasmine, fuchsia, daisies, dandelions, lilacs, tulips, roses, whatever I can get hold of each day to see how they taste and what I can use them in. Lol! NO EDIBLE FLOWER IS SAFE! Just keep an eye out for my delicacies coming up soon.

Spring time will forever be my most favourite time of the year.

Well, as a consolation there are still roses, fuchsias, daisies, dandelions and peonies blooming all through summer, and greenery everywhere till falls. Anyway, here's a long goodbye to Spring, see you next year…

Until then,

Cheers to nature!!!

Love always,