A World of her own

Korean photographer and artist Jee Young Lee loves to recreate a whole new world in her tiny studio with dimensions of 360x410x240 cm for some extraordinary self-portraits which, at the first glance would make you believe they are photoshopped but only when you read the descriptions and about the artist's work you realise they are real. 

Inspired from old korean fables, her childhood experiences, memories and movies she toils for months to reproduce some bewitching self-portraits that speak a thousand word on their own.

Here are some of her praiseworthy works:


Black birds

Broken heart: this is inspired by a korean saying, "like breaking a stone with an egg" meaning futile efforts to encompass too big a misfortune. 
Resurrection : Lotus, much like my culture, has a big significance in the east symbolised with prosperity, rebirth and even purification. Hence, the artist here is depicting herself being resurrected after being purified by the lotus.
I'll be back : Based on a korean fable about a tiger chasing children into a well who are then saved by God as he lowers a rope for them to climb on.
Nightscape: the world truly transforms into a wonderland at night
Last supper: I'm sure you can guess what this one is based on. 
Panic room: Reminds me of the movie starring Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart (when she was a kid) with the same name.
Nightmare: Yup, I can relate!!! 
The little match girl

Treasure hunt: nostalgic childhood memories of days gone by :3

Well, she took the word "studio artist" to a whole new level. Although she isn't the only one, american artist Sandy Skogland has a whole series of her own elaborate surreal recreation of a scene, I really like the confined work by Lee and powerful message behind them. She might be new but she's a force to recon with :)

Till next art post...

So long my lovelies...