Painting the unbelievable - 3D painting

Hyperrealistic animals, unbelievably intricate… Created by Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori (who started the trend) and Singaporean artist Keng Lye, painting individual layers of resins with only acrylics to recreate a dainty water dwelling creature, these are not just masterpieces, these are spectacular works of shear genius… and patience :) Yes, it is a very lengthy, time consuming process that requires the artist to have patience and pay utmost care and attention to what he is doing. I am left with nothing but awe for the hidden talents and the extent to which a human mind can explore its potentials…

See for yourself:

"Alive without Breath" - Keng Lye
(More about him and his work here)

"The painted breath" - Riusuke Fukahori
(Check him out here)

Riusuke is the original artist who merged sculpting and painting together by the means of resin. "Goldfish artist" as he calls himself, he dedicated a good number of years to perfecting the art alone, after 8 years of finally practicing it to perfection he finally became an online sensation in 2012 with worldwide recognition and international exhibitions. 

Riusuke specializes in goldfishes painted in the everyday used japanese bowls and utensils and that is what sets him apart from all the other imitators, as he puts it, "they are copying the craft, not the soul". Check him and his goldfishes out:


Can you put a prize on their skills?

Hope you are enjoying the posts on hyperrealism and the gift these artists was bestowed with. Am off to make one of my own (non-hyperrealistic) art :)

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