Make me bloom


So, after seeing wonders created by the likes of Kristy Mitchell, Alisa Burke and several other artists, I was inspired to come up with some self-portraits of my own. These are collages of me in floral and vintage theme, pictures that bring out the other me. Photography and art are a way for me to uncoil, let go, be free…
They speak for me what I don't dare to. But I am still learning, may be one day I will be truly proud of who and how I am.

These collages are purposely made simple and crude for the same reason they all have flowers - you don't need to be perfect... life is fun and filled with wondrous trivia, live it well, take it easy ;)

Pensive bloom

A head full of flowers, that's how I feel during spring. They take me to a whole different world... This was inspired from Alisa Burke's husband-wife collaboration. Besides, I love floral headbands… The more realistic the flowers look, the better :)

 Seeing pretty

I look like a bee :p but this picture means to say that if your vision is pretty, the world seems pretty too… In other words, optimism makes everything beautiful.


How I wish I could be adorned in flowers, not my clothes and accessories but me myself… All made of flowers.

Colour my nourishment

This one is for humour... I wanted to incorporate flowers in the regular things I do, showing that simplest of the act could be made fun and pretty with flowers :p

Dainty feet

This is another one for the humour… Love flowers, love shoes… You know what you get when you combine the two… Christmas wish :p!


Something like a contemporary collage art with meanings yet conveying nothing at all… Just enjoying the bedazzling glory of the flowers.

Speak flowery

I was brought up in a defence community at various Indian Air Force colonies and then spent my teenage in boarding school. Now, for those of you who don't know, the defence community has a very disciplined and sophisticated lifestyle. Also the posh english boarding school where I was in during my teens, we were taught to use flowery words especially in languages and literature. It was a way to make my alma mater standout as a high standard (not bragging) boarding school. This picture is a literal depiction of it...

Here I made a self portrait collage adorned with flowers that have been inspired by random arts from Pinterest that speak certain parts of me in the language of flowers…

Face the prime

Life is full of challenges, we meet our ups and lows… There are times when we reach our prime, such as prime age of youth, pinnacle of success in life, zenith of a journey… Enjoy those peaks with pride and joy… But be humble too for those moments may not last forever… The face is hidden to retain an anonymity that humbles oneself from being too boastful.


Hope you liked them. Like I said, I'm only learning and finally taking "bold" new steps into the world of art. Stay tuned for more to come.

Love always,