Life is an illusion

Our brain and optics can only visually focus at one thing at a time, hence you see the eyeballs move with each word as you read a book, or while you watch a bird fly. There are images with patterns that appear to move at one section of the image as soon as we stop looking at it while paying attention to another section. These are called optical illusions where visually perceived images are not quite the same as what they actually are. 

I am really fascinated by these patterns and wanted to incorporate myself in them to give a feeling of absurdity and illusion, at the same time giving a focal point while allow your mind to play the tricks it does.

Here is a set of my self-portrait amidst such patterns. These are highly intriguing patterns with mind boggling optical illusions. These pictures are not a gif but a mere manipulators of mind. As you can see from the pictures below, there are some very interesting backgrounds with me somewhere in them breaking the pattern, depicting what might be going on in my mind… not just a mess, but a hot mess that confuses the onlooker.


Look at me and then around the picture, the spotted column will appear rotating at its axis along with the surrounding speckled background.

Into the abyss

If you look at me and then at the central eye the background seems to radiate the circles and colours from the eye.

Dreaming oblivion

Again, start with me at the centre and then trace around my sleeping posture, the circles will appear to rotate in one direction or the other.

Diamonds in the sky

Not exactly an optical illusion background but it is indeed a starry night sky with moon that blended perfectly with my shimmery back gown. The only photoshopped bit is where the sky meets the dress an inch below the hands.

Spiralling conscience

Here is my mind travelling deep into a tunnel of thoughts…  Look at the centre and then the edges of the picture very quickly going back and forth between them. And it will appear that  the white lights are shooting out from the centre, as as if we are travelling through a tunnel.

Look into my eyes

Don't we all just love spiral glasses? Well, they are pretty much as optically illusional as these ones here. Zoom the picture and look into the circles one at a time. As you stare you will feel like being dragged into the centre.


And finally my most favourite one cause it is constantly moving no matter where you put your focal point, kind of disturbing your mind and concentration. Seems like zagged spikes are emitting from the centre where the prism disperses the light into me and the colours of the rainbow.

Well, that's all for now…

More to come (hopefully)

Till next time

Love always,