Kristy Mitchell

Ok, I've found my idol!

No, really, this girl is amazing!!!

Kristy Mitchell scrupulously recreates incredible wonderland scenes with sensual touches that you only dream about or see in some fantasy movie (disney mostly). Not only are these photos non-photoshopped, she even shows how she does or create the scenes with behind the scenes sneak-peak… 

36 year old british photographer started her project "wonderland" almost 5 years ago in the fond memories of her mother who passed away in 2008 succumbing to brain tumour. Kristy, you are the best daughter a mother could have and a truly inspiring artist. Love always...

To be honest, I have been wishing to do quite similar projects for long now, and have done one of my own called "Floral Wet Fantasy"… I am bursting with ideas and the zeal to go ahead with them, just need a good camera and at least one more hand to help me. Hopefully this spring-summer (making the best of the weather) I will have some lovely projects finally seeing the light of the day :)

Coming back to the amazing Kristy, here are just a few of her MANY stunning photographies:

"The last dance of the flowers"

Amazing woodland scenes and magnificent costumes… Hard to believe none of them are in the least photoshopped! I heart them!!!

And now for behind the scenes:

Here is the gorgeous dress from the floral shoot...

Butterfly fairy

Colours of falls

Hope you are as bewildered and enchanted as I am. See and read more here. Now, am off to may be make my dreams come true :) 

See you with some more awesome art posts and may be even my own creations…

Till then,

Love always,