Hyperrealistic ball-point pen art

So, this month's main topic is "Hyperrealism". In case of art my mac dictionary explains it as "extremely realistic in details" and that is exactly the type of art I will be discussing with you the whole month with a little sneak-peek at the work of some of the best hyperrealistic artists I have come across over the past few years.

Disclaimer: You will hear me say "unbelievable" much too many times in these posts on hyperrealistic arts. But who can blame me? If you see what I'm talking about you'd say it too!!!

It is not easy to make a beautiful painting, let alone hyperrealistic painting. And to achieve the hyperrealism of the real deal with just a ball-point pen is some serious talent. You remember Samuel Silva? No not the Bond guy… The portuguese artist who recreated a portrait of a red-headed cutie, making headlines in 2012, using nothing but ball-point pens shown here:

Remember now??

Well, you can see all his amazing ball-point pen art works here. He has used the most elemental everyday office/school object into a medium for creating magic. Beautiful!!! Now let's take a look at other such artists with equally amazing talents…

Juan Francisco Casas

This spanish born beast of an artist brings sexy back by creating hot murals up to 10ft tall with nothing but our everyday blue ball-point pen. The idea started as a joke that was to create a picture so realistic that people would believe it is a photograph. What's more surprising and awe-inspiring is how easy it is for him, he treats it like just another painting… For him, the medium is not the factor it is in fact what you do with the materials… Genius!

Unbelievable and beautiful!

Read more here.

Nathan Lorenzana

This man has real talent with ballpoint pen making my doodles look like a primary school kid's scribbles. Here is a one such masterpiece - "Through the veil" from "Bathers" series, made with a 'pilot' ballpoint pen on bristol smooth vallum paper. 


The way he depicts the realism of the water trickling down the hands and face is just bewildering.

Here are a few more breathtaking portraits of the "bathers":

Now you tell me, aren't they UNBELIEVABLE????

Your humble novice artist,
rJB ac