Okay I feel old and untalented when I see these 20-22 years old masterminds make wonders where as I am still an amateur and developing (or trying to develop rather) the artistic skills of a professional.

Man with no age - Johnny Depp

Here is another 20-year old freelance artist that has turned heads with his skills… Josh Bryan is not your ordinary artist, his masterpieces are extraordinary… He creates portraits using nothing but a black pen and straight lines. Reminds me of my 9th standard math class where my teacher had asked the class to bring an art work made with nothing but geometrical figures. Well, initially I was all panicky as I could think of what to make. My friends had already decided, they'd make a kite (simple, just a few triangles and you're done) or a house (a few squares and some triangles again), but I wanted something awesome, something intricate and unique that personified my creative mind, as I'd like to believe :p… After a whole day of thinking, it finally hit me and I made the zodiac signs in a circle with all the signs represented with their individual animals, objects or people. It did pay off, I seemed to impress not just my peers but my teacher too. Unfortunately I don't have any picture to show but I could recreate what little I remember of it again someday :)

Anyway, coming back to our "Triangulation" artist, as he calls his work, here are some of the portraits of celebrities that he made 

Albert Einstein
He is one of the major reasons for my interest in Science. First things I saw everyday since I was born were his massive coloured as well as black and white portrait my dad had gotten made by a friend. And this particular shot (pose) has a story of its own, Einstein had been asked to pose for a portrait shot but the tiresome setting up of camera equipments and also one after the other failed attempts to give a satisfying poses, he finally got fed up and stuck his tongue out to give this iconic picture :p Now ain't that a cute picture? Miley, please take notes...

Marilyn Monroe

Then this one, one of my favourite portraits of MM that captured her gorgeousness, her innocence and her sexiness just right…

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