To paint a masterpiece...

I often say, "Anyone can draw but not everyone can draw well…" Well I will stick by it. Just drawing is not the artistic part of someone creating a picture, it's the meaning, skills and details behind it. Anyone can sketch up a stick figure and that is still drawing. But only skills can turn that stick figure to a full bodied figure. Also, painting the picture to its final stage needs a lot of skills too. Even a 2 year old can grab a piece of crayon and colour, you won't call that a painting now will you? 

Ok, rant over :p

I love art. And more so, I love watching artists, especially local less-known ones, create their work in front of me (in the computer of course, but I would love to watch one in person too). Here is one that I came by on youtube that I couldn't help but marvel at. I know this is not my creation and much as I like to post my own work on my blog, I love giving compliments and tributes where I feel they deserve.

Take a look at this beautiful painting of a lily. Philadelphian artist Tom Steigerwald first sketched the draft with chalk on a huge brown board and then started with the olive green background, building up to the purple base of the lily. Finally finishing with the white details of the petals and the flower parts.

Watch the video below:

Amazing ain't it?

Read all about him here.

Have a good day :)

love always,