"Tip-toe through the tulips"

Well hello lovelies! I just returned from one of my most coveted "to visit" places in UK this spring, a tulip farm. Well, the day sucked big time since after a whole week of bright and cheery sunshine it was alllll rain. It was a long ride just to get there from Soton. We had to start really early just to get there by midday and have only a couple of hours to enjoy…

 So, after 2 hours of tedious train journey, then immediately afterwards 50 minutes of shaky bus ride followed by further 32 minutes of walking on a highway with barely any pavement, oh and don't forget the rain, we got to the "pick-your-own-tulips" farm. Fun fun! Well, at least I got to do the one thing I was looking forward to this whole month, even after the journey, the trek and the cold COLD bitter rain. I guess it's a story of its own, ain't it? So, here are some of the pictures from the visit to the pick-your-own-tulips field. It is a barn in the small village of Farrington Gurney, situated between Bath and North eastern Somerset. It is quite small and close to NOTHING compared to the ones in Holland but hey, it's worth it non-the-less, after all, the charm of a tulip is simply priceless...

 Behold the gorgeousness of these beauties in full bloom while listening to the vintage melody in the legendary voice of Nick Lucas (Honestly I knew nothing about him till I looked up the song on tulips… But it was definitely good to find this broadway classic!)

Takes me back to the times way back when I didn't exist (:p) but life was so much simpler. Let these beauties remind you to appreciate the diamond days… And I'm not talking about 90s, 80s, or even 70s… I'm talking about 20s and 30s...

Anyway, just sit back, sip on your favourite drink and


My picks of the day: 

10 tulips of 3 different kinds: fringes (small yellow one), double bloom (the big, pink ones) and a standard yellow one with red rims.
See the 5 major types here.

Double bloom tulip

Such beauty, much colour… Very happy tulip picking!!!

Standard tulip with red rims

Fringed tulip

Happy easteR