Tequila Mockingbird

Today's topic, and a new one in that, is yummy fun drinks with a literary twist ;) I recently discovered something magnificent… Creative genius Tim Federle's "Tequila Mockingbird" that contains over 100 exclusive cocktail and mocktail drink recipes that I just couldn't resist! 

Pickle martini

Yup you saw it right... It DOES have pickle and dill in it. In fact there are numerous other pickle drink recipes you can find online. But I am going to present to you a recipe from the afore mentioned book that involves pickle. So, the drink I am going to make here is called Tequila mockingbird. Of course you can guess where the name comes from (the literature fanatics especially) - "To kill a mockingbird" by Harper Lee. Now I don't really enjoy tequila in itself but with a pinch of salt and a zesty lime, I'm all set for a party. This drink is especially for those who enjoy a glass of Bloody Mary (yup… there are people who exist). 

WARNING: This one has a strong Zang to it with a capital "Z"… Mind you, for those of us not too brave with hot sauce, this is a taste-bud suicide! (And the morning ceremony does not get any better either…) So please be careful!!!

Now, to start off with our first cocktail from this fantastic book, all you will need:

1.) 1.5 ounces tequila

2.) 2 drops of hot/tabasco sauce
3.) 1 pickle dill

Be careful only to use a shot glass… The heat could make you cry a river from both eyes and nose!! Pour the tequila in the shot glass, add the hot sauce and decorate it with a big chomp of dill pickle and gulp it down like a real man hero!

Now time for something sweet to calm your senses down :p…

Well, hope you enjoy that… 

More coming up soon ;)

Love always from

JB’s Kitchen