Rapeseed farm

You know I just love spring. Absolutely adore it for all the good reasons... There are plenty of flowers to behold almost everywhere you look, lots and lots of natural colours painting the earth bright and lively, the sweet scents of blossom, a cool cocktail for the olfactory, the soft buzzing of bees and the fluttering of pretty butterflies playing a tune of its own... I could go on but then, again, I've done that way too many times already :p

Anyway, something I came across quite recently while travelling long distances via train and coach from Southampton to Sheffield and Sheffield to Glasgow respectively, as well as while my 2nd trip to Bath were these enormous fields of rapeseeds with acres and acres of yellow covering the whole place till the eyes to see. I was quite astonished and excited with the view and that alone was enough to make me enjoy the long hours in the transit (believe me, you do not want to travel to Glasgow from Sheffield in a coach, not that the coach service is bad, but it is 6 FREAKING LONG HOURS!!!) So, yeah, while going for my coveted tulip farm trip this Easter, I luckily stumbled upon these rapeseed farms on the way and thought to take a quick snapshots of the lovely bloom fest...


Pardon my hair lol! The wind had me bad :p