Floral Wet Fantasy

I had always wanted to do this project but without the right equipments and time, I couldn't see how… It's like you always say you'll clean up the room but never get around to it because of wazillion reasons… But somehow, this time around things just seemed to fall into places (of course, there was a big hand of shear determination somewhere) and I finally got around to doing my "Floral Wet Fantasy" project...

This project is like a dream sequence, I wanted it to be sort of surreal... Not quite dramatic but sort of pretty and artistic, a mess of a sort. It initially required a serene background such as a lonesome green wood with flowers in a pool, lake or some sort of water hole. But in UK, huh! good luck with the cold... So, I thought, "well, bathtub in a calm white background should do just fine." I wanted to fill it with flowers, giving it the dreamy appeal and clad myself in a beautiful white dress, not that of a bride but of a wood fairy, so that the connection between the flowers and the fairy was maintained. The make up was that of a nymph, bright eye shadows but with little geisha-like mouth (makes me look even more asian ^_^) but my make up skills aren't the best sorry :p. For the hair I wanted to go for a frizzy look, I don't think it suits me too well, plus I didn't have the time to do it, so it's left loose is an unkept way. 

Although I ultimately had to use my simple compact camera instead of a hi-fi DSLR baby, I think, as a one-person project, it's not too shabby even though not as good as professional. Anyway, here's what I got:

It's not much and this was the best I could do with my simple digital camera but nonetheless, I hope you like it…

Love always,