Nib painting

Here is a very unique form of painting with the usage of nibs called the "Nib Painting".

It's a very Indian style of painting, quite popular among especially the South Indians, probably originating from India as well. This art uses nibs of different tip shapes to produce unique textures and colouring patterns. For this you could also use calligraphy nibs however, there are some special types of nibs that are meant especially for this type of painting alone.

My favourite is the large round tipped nib… Excellent for making fish scales and giving distinct surface texture to any picture sketch, the round tip gives an extra bit of depth to the painting. And it's quite easily obtained too. Just dip the tip in paint, then press it on the fabric, canvas, paper or whatever you are painting on and slightly pull away, easing on the pressure. That way you get a scale-like print with thinker paint at the round edge of the painted scale. You can continue to fill an entire painting with this single pattern (changing the directions and orientations to obtain variations and details) or you can switch to another nib and give different designs and detailing, such as a broad tip with straight edge can be used to get the features of a leaf right, and so on…

I am waiting to get my hands on one so that I could paint my own sea life or mermaids (Ooh! the pretty mermaids O_O) lol...

Here is a video demonstrating the art and skill of nib painting (which you will discover is rather simple).

Ain't that fun?

Anyway, hope this helps with your fish related paintings and DIYs, and otherwise as well. I love using all sorts of different styles, how about you?

Until next art attack ideas and suggestions,

Love always,

rJB ac