Forget love, I'd rather fall in CHOCOLATE

This was the London Chocolate festival (yes, that's right… A chocolate freakin' festival) held from 11th to the 13th of April at the Business Design Centre in Islington. Needless to say I HAD TONS OF FUN… Uff, now I'm in a chocolate coma, and I can guarantee that is THE BEST type of coma you want to be in :D
There were brownies, drinking chocolates, gateaus,  pop cakes, chocolate lollies, large chocolate sculptures cookies… Here is a glimpse of what was in store...

Easter special exhibitions:

 Giant egg sculptures

Hen says, "I'm making eggs... eggs, eggs, eggs!!!"

Ladies come and get it!!!

Macaroon tower

Skilful chocolate moulding:

These are all chocolates, believe it or not!!!

Gamers' special:

Best gift for boyfriends :)

Chocolate therapy:

Cocoa pods

Chocolate scented candles

Aroma therapy

Brownies and cakes

Devilishly bad brownies...

I had the triple chocolate brownie, the peanut butter brownie and salted caramel brownie… No more complaints for a day week now!

Brownie box

More browniessss

Coffee nougats

Whoopie cake

Muffins and cakes with tea

White chocolate and raspberry muffins

Pop cakes 

Rocky road cakes

Black forest gateau pop cakes

Black forest gateau pop cakes

Hello gorgeous!

Tiffins, pastries and pies

Eclairs, tarts and macaroons

Chocolates here, chocolates there, chocolates everywhere...

Some more assortments:

Giant Cookies

Giant meringues


White chocolate lollies with edible transfer prints...
Here were some special Indian flavour truffles, chocolate bars and sheets… Don't worry, none were curry flavoured… That would be just wrong in multiple levels...

Special indian taste in truffles

Indian sweet flavoured bars

 Candied fennel seed bars
Chocolate lunch:

I had heard of chocolate infused meal, now I even saw them… :D

I once heard the best spaghetti and meatballs someone had ever eaten was in Italy, and it had chocolate in it...

Goodness… I had 2 coffees (mocha and cappuccino) and a triple chocolate brownie and a hell lot of tasters… And I am still too full even after 12 hours to eat a morsel extra… I will still do it again if I can… Best way to start my easter holiday :D

Guess you can tell by my face how trilled I was…. triiiilllllled O.O!!!

As a last note… Have a chocolate day!!!
Love always,