Easter special cocktail - Eggnog

Hmm, I have been skeptical about egg drinks in the past. And honestly I will still be a bit dubious about a pink lady, but I was really eager to try this one out… And I have to say, it is a really interesting drink. Wellllll, I know it's a more Christmas tradition to hog at eggnogs but I thought, "a good drink is fit for every special occasion"! Plus it has eggs, so why not for easter??? 

Also, I love bailey's especially with hot chocolate and coffee, so this recipe is definitely a winner as it has sugar, milk and egg in it… A breakfast drink just in one shot!

This recipe serves two...

Yummy necessities:

  1.          1 pint whole milk
  2.          3 free-range eggs
  3.          25g caster sugar
  4.          2 Drops of Vanilla essence or better still, a pod split in two
  5.          Couple of fresh cherries, stones removed and halved
  6.          100ml brandy
  7.          cocoa powder, just for dusting
You can of course add some cinnamon to it if you prefer.

Let's get the party started:

So basically you have to make a custard and top it up on some cherries and a shot of brandy. Yes, that's all… So, to start, mix the milk, eggs, sugar and vanilla pod in a medium pan and heat gently, but don't boil. Keep heating until the mixture thickens enough to coat the back of a spoon. Oooh! love it already!!!

Then, and here's the fun part, grab two tea cups and spread the cherries at the bottom of each of the serving cups. Divide the brandy between the cups and pour the egg nog over. Dust with cocoa powder and serve either hot or cold.

Now enjoy the hell out of this deliciousness…. :)

Love always from

JB’s Kitchen