Easter chocolate eggs

This easter I wanted to do something new, as in something that I've never done before… So here is my very simple recipe for easter eggs that are filled, not hollow, and has a special yolk inside, made of wafers and chocolate!

For this you'd need:
  1. 6 large egg shells
  2. 600g white chocolate
  3. 20g butter
  4. Maltesers pops

  • Firstly, empty the egg shells and make the holes wide enough for the maltesers balls to be popped in.

  • Melt the white chocolate bars with butter in a microwave for 1minute. It will be all soft and gooey.

  • Then take the first egg shell and fill almost 2/3rd of it with the melted chocolate. Drop in the pop and then pour in more white chocolate on top of the pop just as shown in the figure below.

One by one fill all the shells. 

  • Let it solidify for about 2-3 hours in the fridge. Shouldn't take too long though. Once it has solidified tap the egg shell on a hard surface and you will see the shell comes off easily. You won't have to sit and peel bit by bit.
Here is an example. However, you can see some voids and un-filled areas. I'll tell you in a bit how to avoid that...

The eggs look perfect from the outside…

However, I would like to warn you about the blunders too…

Always always always make sure you use dry egg shells. One of my egg shells was not dry enough and I didn't check it properly before filling it. Resulted in a sticky and soft exterior of my egg that caused dimples during peeling and the shells wouldn't come off easily either. It was a rather tedious job to shell it. Thankfully it was the only one. Also the best result was seen for completely liquified chocolate as it filled the mould completely whereas a less fluidy chocolate filler leaves gaps and does not take the proper shape as anticipated (especially at the top end with the opening).

Now to see the insides…

So for the first try I used one that was not perfect, the mould was not completely filled and there were holes. But turns out the "yolk" was perfect!!!

Well, hope you enjoyed this easy recipe. 

Happy easteR