DIY: Denim collar necklace

Collar necklaces are so hip right now… Actually they have been in for a while now. Back in the day when I was a little girl, I wasn't too sure I liked chokers but since 2011, they have been everywhere from high streets to little thrift shops and we love it, don't we ladies? Well, here's another one in Denim.

I had seen some pretty neat statement and collar necklaces in shops, especially "Accessorize", boy they have fab items… And you know what else is new? Fabric collar necklaces, how come no one ever thought of that before??!!!! I was initially reluctant to wear ANY sort of chokers since I think my neck is rather too short to carry such a lovely accessory and show it off well. I don't wear collared shirts for that matter too. But, oh well YOLO (my man hates this term :p), I just couldn't help it, they are sooooo pretty! As a matter of fact I bought few of them myself. One after the other, I think I now have about 9 of them! Two of which I made myself.

I also came across some pretty funky tutorials on how to make your own fabric collar necklaces and I LOVED them. I was so inspired that I actually went ahead and made some of my own, check them out here.

Anyway, for my denim peter pan collar necklace I used the left overs from my denim jeans that I made a hand bag out of (see here). I also used some old earrings and pendant for decoration, but you can always improvise however you want. Stay creative as I always say ;) I also tried to use some chains as a connector but turns out (and I should have seen it coming) the fabric frays every time I try to make a hole in it with a needle or a pair of pointy scissor. So, I would suggest just use some ribbons and tie it around your neck.

Firstly, I cut out the shape of my collar from my jeans left over. 

Then I used my heart shaped diamantè encrusted silver ear studs and a Chanel pendant to decorate my collar necklace. And...


Simple and subtle… 

Now all I need to do is attach some strings/ribbons at the end of each collar and put it around my neck ;)

Looks lovely with a plain white t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans.

Have fun creating your own...

Happy DIYing

Till next time…

Love always,