Denim bag

Here is a quick tutorial of a 10-min denim jeans bag...

Okay, so for this really easy DIY you'll need:

1.) A denim jeans
2.) A hot glue gun
3.) A canvas belt or a belt of any sort
4.) A pair of scissors
5.) A pretty ribbon or belt of your choice

All you need
So I had these amazing pair of jeans, my favourite, that I happened to tear in such a way that I could never repair it too well again (okay, it was because I was in a hip-hop dancing society and happened to stretch a tad bit too far :p).

Nasty tear!

Anyway, here's what you need to do… Cut the pair of jeans in a way that you'd make a daisy dukes shorts. You can cut it shorter than me if you'd like.

Snip snip snip!

Now, glue the rip/tear and make sure any other tear is sealed. Now turn the shorts inside out and fold just the cut ends of the leg outwards (as shown). Apply glue just at the inside, very close to the edge right between the two sides and stick them together, closing the leg holes shut, this is so that when you turn the shorts right way around (outside out again) the glued area will look like a clean stitch.

This should seal off all the other openings except the main top one.

The bag itself is pretty much ready! But now to add some straps and some sassiness! For this, I used my pretty polka dotted ribbon to go around the waist and tie a bow in the front:

Retro polka makes everything look classy :)

Really cute

And finally, just add the straps one each sides of the bag. You can use an old belt like I did (I used a stone coloured canvas belt). And VOILA!

You quick denim bag is all ready to use!!!

Am all set to go shopping!

This bag is really handy, especially if you are going shopping or picnic. It's large and spacious with lots of pockets too! Ain't that handy?!

Additionally you can put embellishments, colours and even decorate it in your own unique style. You can also add satin lining inside and either a button or a zipper at the top opening.

Now, have fun making your own


Be carefree, stay creative!!

Love always,