Coconut and honey ice cream

First time I had a coconut flavoured ice cream was in my favourite Thai restaurant Baan Mai. If you ever happen to visit Southampton and you love the authentic taste of delicious thai food DO stop by…  Now you know thai cuisine, they like their coconut in ice creams, in curries, in about everything. Well, I never liked desiccated coconut in my desserts so yes, I hate coconut macaroons, hate coconut cookies and hate coconuty chocolates and candies, but coconut cream on the other hand, mmmm… somehow it just fits right everywhere. I love coconut milk curries, coconut milk drinks and coconut ice creams… So I wanted to make one myself. Here is a step-by-step instruction of my very own 3 ingredients ice cream recipe.

1.) 300 ml Extra thick double cream
2.) 300ml Thick coconut cream
3.) 30-50ml Honey (depending on how sweet you want it)

Utensils and appliances used:
1.) A large bowl
2.) Can opener
3.) Electric whisker
4.) A spoon

Pour the extra extra thick creamy double cream into the bowl.

Now open the coconut cream can and add the thick coconut cream to the double cream.

Goodness, they already look so ice cream like and delicious… I can hardly wait….

Add honey to the cream mixture. Mmmmm, look at that concoction! I don't generally eat honey on toast like my dad and many of my friends but they work well as sugar substitutes sometimes. Now don't get me wrong, it's not because I want a healthy substitute, I mean I'm making an ice cream for God's sake… But the honey flavour accentuates the dish in my opinion. Do check out my other recipes with honey coming soon...

Whisk the whole mixture till fluffy with the electric whisker. Now I'm not sure if it is because I used coconut cream or because I didn't use a cold metal bowl (I've heard chilled metal bowls work best, especially if you freeze it before use), but my mixture never got as fluffy and stiff as whipped cream. But I think it works nonetheless.

Now, pour it all in to a air-tight container and freeze it over night.


With loads of sweet candy love from

JB’s Kitchen