DIY: Bloom Statement Necklace

Last year while browsing through the online shopping page of Accessorize, I came across the most prettiest statement necklace EVER. Oooh! I've had my eyes on it since then but alas! It sold out much too soon and I was left boo-hooing!

DIY Inspo - Accessorize bloom necklace

However, a friend had and I tried it on and turns out it wasn't really meant for all body and face shape types. I mean, I have a round face and a short neck, the necklace would not have stood out no matter what I wore, neither would it complement my looks or vice versa. Well, needless to say I was inspired to make one of my own that would in fact do justice to both.

So, here's what I did, 

All you need:

All the shiny little trinkets…
  1. A packet of aluminium rose beads in multi colours
  2. A antique golden necklace
  3. Two charming lustrous bracelets
  4. A large blush flower earring
  5. Some pearls
  6. Pink, purple and red nail varnishes
  7. A glue gun to put them all together


1. First of all use the nail paints to colour the the aluminium rose bead so that they lose their metallic sheen. It is fine if you prefer it the original way. I just like it less shiny with all the gold around.

My coral red and pink nail varnishes
I had been wanting to do this particular statement bib necklace ever since I saw the Accessorize bloom necklace that I could hardly wait to wear it… I specially selected the nail paints for this very DIY.

Aluminium rose spacers coated with varnish
2. Then cut the old bracelets loose and use the beads for your necklace. You can use all sorts of beads depending on how you want your necklace to be. My two bracelets that I used were from New Look (blush roses) and Primark (diamant√® pearls), cheap as chips…

The last time I'd wear these as bracelets…
Good bye my lovelies…

Beads from my bracelet from Primark.

3. Now time to embellish…!!!

First I used my lovely large floral earring as the centre piece for my necklace. These were from New Look.

Blush pink danglers

Just hot glue the back of the flower and stick on the middle of the necklace. Yup, that was an unnecessary sentence that I didn't have to use as you all already know how to stick things together.

Loving the centre piece <3

4. Then one by one I added the beads and spacers in a symmetrical way. You can use as many beads you want in any ways you like.

And there we go... 

With help of just a few beads and a hot glue gun, I turned 



 Bloom Statement

And I even wore it to movies right away after it was done :)

All that glitters...

Hope you liked it and that either in a big or tinnie-tiny way it inspired you :)

Till next time with more DIYs :)

Love always,