Beautiful minds

I love art. In particular paitnings, sketches, collages, drawings…. You get the idea. So, here are some fabulous artists I have recently discovered through blogging or visiting comic conventions that have inspired me and are worth mentioning:

Alisa Burke

This lady is amazing. I follow her everyday! She's a fantastic mom, a lovely and an extremely talented artist, and one of my big inspirations these days. She teaches art workshops, creates wonders for publications in magazines and papers and also gives DIY talk shows on tele. She has some mad skills with paints, sharpies and flowers… Here are some of her collaborations with her equally talented hubby… Now that's a match made in heaven :)

Miss Led

Such pretty sketches… Love the portraits and caricature-like sketches. With such skills with realistic features and those expressions... This girl can REALLY paint! I recently found her on Facebook and instantly loved her work. Check it out:

Olivia Rose

Her is another enchanting portrait artist from UK. First time met her at the London Comic Con last year in August. I love what she does with her paintings, transforming them from draft sketches to an abstract portrait art. Such intricate detailing and big deep eyes… Her paintings are as gorgeous as she herself is, A-list celebrity standard.

Kerby Rosanse

Love this insanely creative doodler! He is beyond awesome… The first time I saw his arts were the famous "moleskine doodles". Instant fan!!! Such detailing, much art… WOW! See it to believe it:

Tran Nguyen

Here is a artist who specialises in modern abstract impressionism, okay, very difficult to describe but something like it is really realistic like the paintings of Da Vinci but with just enough surrealism of Dali that keeps you guessing what is going on in the painting and the painter's mind… A dreamscape she creates her arts specially for psycho-therapeutic effects... Here are some of my favourite Tran Nguyen art works:

Paula Bonet

Beautiful and talented, I love this illustrator. She creates everything with just a pen and a few blotches of paint and that's it. No photoshop, no softwares, just plain old school pen, paper and paint. Her mural illustrations mostly depict a simple action of a person performed on a daily basis…. They are so neat, plain and grasping… Like an enactment you've seen a million times in real life as people normally live their life, like eating a cup of ice cream or pudding with a spoon, and yet on a paper it kind of makes you ponder on that simple action driving you to see it clearly like you've never done before.

Glenn Arthur

Here is a California born visual artist specialising in symbolic portraits and arts with themes ranging from neo-victorian inspired arts with roses, skulls, blood and his signature hummingbirds. He loves drawing beauties but in a way that never draws you away from their captivating eyes (I mean he doesn't emphasise on nudity to get noticed and that for me is a big LIKE factor), the expressions of the girls in his painting speak a thousand words. He can very much paint on any given medium from paper to wood… He calls himself an autodidact imperfectly perfectionist nerd! How cute…. His paintings are passionately subtle yet so powerful…

The world of James Browne

Now here is someone who creates ethereal paintings that would take you to a whole new dimension. James Browne can literally create a whole  new world on canvas or paper… The more I stare at them the more I get engulfed in a land of fairies and elves and all things nice. Takes me back to my childhood when fairies and wood creatures felt more real than the reality itself. His creations are as enchanting as he himself is handsome :) 

The only contacts I can find for this Italian artist are Facebook:

And Etsy:

Here is a blooming artist from Rome who loves to express his imagination on late nineteenth century paper themed with a particularly dark atmosphere, drawing a thin line between life and death. I love ink works, to illustrate just with black and white (or in this case beige) it in itself is a skill. Colours bring pictures to life for sure but to do that without colours requires certain amount of talent. And that's what he has!

Zarina Liew

Finally, here is a friend I met at the London Film and Comic Con 2013. Zarina is a London based award-winning comic artist with specialising in fashion illustrations and Manga art. She is extremely sweet and very very veryyyy creative, illustrating even for fashion campaigns and magazines. As a matter of fact I even bought 2 of her fabulous work pieces (see the first two pictures below). She has now started her own comic strips and short stories. I'm eagerly waiting to meet her again this year at the annual London Comic con :)

Hope you enjoyed looking through their work as much as I do…

Till next time…

Love always,
rJB ac