Winter pastels

With the end of winter and beginning of my favourite season spring, I present you… Pastels!!!

Pastel petals
I feel pastels are the perfect colour for winters… soft, sweet and soothing, and suits anyone from babies to teens, adults to grans… I think it looks amazing even on men, just depends on how one wears them.  Gone are the days when black was the necessary colour for winters to keep us warm…

Let's take a look at the five most trendy pastels that are considered worldwide as fashion statements:

1. Minty mania

Minty fresh...

So what is a mint colour really? I first saw the mentioning of mint last summer in a magazine and I was like "What? No way" cause I didn't really think mint was my colour, or a real colour for that matter. Well, mint green is a soft pale green with a touch of blue in it that gives it a refreshing icy cool feel. It is very versatile and a MUST HAVE wardrobe make during winters as well as summers to give you that calm, refreshing yet ready for the sun look, whether as the main outfit, or as just an accessory... I am totally addicted to it :D 

Here are some of the things that I bought in mint…

My fancy mint wardrobe… Not the ice-cream though :P 
Not included here is my mint nail paint and my mint and yellow butterfly scarf.
They team very well with black and white, and also any colour from the opposite colour wheel - orange, coral, red, pink, yellow, brown and even purple… 

With blues however you don't want to look overwhelming… I mean mint top and turquoise trousers might work but you will need to be very careful and will need something to break the monotony created by the similarity of the hues...

Pastel Infusion: Coral + mint 

Now here's a pair meant to be...

I just love the two together… Don't you?

2. Lilac lush

How can you ever go wrong with this? I have always loved lilac… It is such a serene and dreamy colour… If I could choose a theme for my heaven, it would be lilac :D

The term lilac stands for types of colour, plant and even a scent. Lilac colour is a light purple shade (with more pinkish hue than violet which is more bluish) that was first recorded to be used in 1775. It has four main shades: pale, bright, rich and french (so says wikipedia). The name apparently comes from the flower Syringa Vulgaris aka french lilac, an annually blooming flower of genus Seringa that blossoms in many different shades of lilac. The flower is symbolic to Easter as it generally blooms during Easter, in April, hence also called paschalia (meaning Easter in Greek and Latin). Lilac term has also been used for scent since 1895 due to the pretty scent emitted from the flowers.

Lilac is such a sweet colour, it goes well with almost any other colour. Everything just looks as if at peace in lilac. It is a feminine colour, but looks fantastic on both men and women alike.  Now don't you deny that! 

It's so versatile that you can wear it for any occasion… I love the combo of lilac with white and/or black. What combo do you like?

Mila looks PERFECT! This is my THE MOST favourite favourite FAVOURITE Elie Saab lilac dress everrrrrrr!!!!

3. Pinky's Blush!

Blush for me little ones… Photo credit: Me ;)
Now we all know that Pink has MANY shades! And each have their own stories (read mine here!)...

Let's start with Blush… Another extraordinary colour in my opinion that calms you down just like the song "Scientist" by Coldplay (well that's what's playing in my iTunes now ;) )… Blush, a lighter shade of dusty pink, is a mix of pale pink and beige. Mostly used for make-up, I think they look lovely in dresses and shoes too.

Another pastel pink hue is the baby pink. Here is an example of baby pink from Matalan:

The colour is very soft and often associated with baby girls. I personally think they are one of the most suitable substitutes for whites/ivories in wedding gowns. It goes very well with other pastel colours like light yellow, pale blue, lilac, mint… adding softness to everything. I love pale pink lip colours too, makes me look softer, sweeter, with a subtle touch of innocence :)

Infusion confusion - light pink with blush, pale yellow and pale blue
Pink crocuses in my backyard
Such a versatile colour… The colour of cherry blossoms, of rose-champaigne chocolates, of rose wine, of rouge, of a smiling little baby's cheeks, of shyness... All things cute and delightful :)

My yummy Rose-champaigne chocolates… Love them!
So, if you already love the light shades of pink colour as I do, here are 10 more reasons to do so even more ;) And if you don't, well, here are 10 reasons to do so :p...

4. Lemony luster

Balmy lemon...

Lemon colour is a shade of yellow that can be bright or pale and gets its name from the tangy citrus fruit, Lemon, of course. There are many variations of lemon yellow but only the pale/light lemon yellow can be counted as pastel unlike mint, lilac and blush that can be generally understood as pastels without adding  the words "light" or "pale" before the colour.

Light lemon yellow also looks perfect with pastels like lilac, blush, baby blue and mint… heck it actually looks good with almost EVERY colour in my honest opinion, fresh and zesty, if used in right amount… ;)

Light lemon and blue gives you perfect contrast. Lemon with green, looks natural and cute… lemon and pink, so tropical and bright! With red, to play it safe, keep it in moderation or else it could look too bright and overwhelming, with the two primary colours trying to cancel each other out in grabbing the attention… Hence, a red belt and a yellow blazer on denim and white will go nicely, a yellow tea-dress or yellow skirt with red belt will look fab, but a red shirt and yellow trousers or skirt? Could give you surprising results from wow to absolute disasters... Lol! And DON'T EVER do this (what ever she was thinking)!!!

Pastel Infusion: Lemon + Baby pink

I am not even going to say anything about this combo… See and decide!!

Perfect dream blitz for my wedding!!!

 Lovely flowers

Isn't it like one of the BEST you have ever seen? They just compliment each other so well.

5. Feeling Blue...

Blue bubbles
Baby blue is one of my favourites. It is a pale hue of azure a.k.a sky blue. It may be considered as light blue or pale blue but that would also include light shades of indigo, deep and navy blues since, just like pink, blue has 100s of shades.

Baby blue is just so cute!!! Well, since a toddler I was in love with blue and all its shades, and come to think of it, EVERYONE wears blue in one way or another, be it as denims, as uniforms, as their eye colour (as lenses), a lot are even blessed with lovely blue eyes themselves… It is the colour of the sky and the deep sea. You can never hate on it. 

Funny thing is, although associated with nature, and one of the three primary colours, it was very difficult to make the colour blue and was not found in nature very readily. Cave men were found to use shades of red, brown and black but never blue. First hues were made from minerals such as azurite and stones like sapphire much later in the ancient history of colours

Colour blue is used in flags of so many countries, it is symbolic to many religions and cultures such as Christianity and Hinduism, symbolising immortality in Chinese culture, royalty in French culture, and mourning in Iranian culture.

Baby blue, on the other hand, is associated with babies, boys in particular since 1940s (till then it was used for girls! Source: First recorded use of baby blue was in 1800s (who records all this I have no idea!!!)

I think men love and look amazing in (especially) baby blue whether they know it or not. It goes perfectly with every colour… With pastels they look like the colours of heaven and with any other colour they just accentuate them. Much like black and white they look great with multi-colors, prints and patterns too. Isn't that something!!!

Pastel Infusion: Baby blue + Blush

Two rights make a... Right! This is the colour combo made in heaven. Of course it can make the ambience too sweet but hey, I'm not complaining!!! 

I would love to design a wedding dress and bride's maid dresses using the two colours
Hope you enjoyed reading a little something about the lovely pastels. This winter I just went crazy on getting myself as many pastel items as economically possible :p Dresses, shoes, skirts, sweaters, trousers... you name it! I'll do a fashion shoot soon for you all to see my collection. This will be my way of paying tribute to these amazing colours and bid winter a final goodbye for the year :)

Till then, 

Enjoy the pastel infusion of...

Lilac + Blush + Baby blue Lemon + Mint

Loads of love,