When the cherry blossom…

Oh how I love cherry blossoms!


As a matter of fact, I love all the blossoms of the Prunus family which includes cherries, plums, almonds, apricots, peaches and nectarines. They all look rather similar in appearance, but there are subtle differences that sets them apart. They are all small clustered flowers of pink or white varieties. Plums and cherry fruits, of either edible or ornamental types, are generally red to maroon (dark red) in colour, and interesting enough their flowers are in different shades of light pink! However, they can be in white too... Peaches and nectarines also have pinkish florets, where as almonds and apricots on the other hand have similar white clusters resembling one another a hell lot.  Honestly cannot tell the two apart... Well, I guess it will take me some time before I can differentiate them in a jiffy.

Such pretty colours, with lush florescence that could liven up the whole garden… Unfortunately these are annually flowering trees, meaning they flower just once every year. Once done, we have to wait for a whole year just to see them in their full glory again, but until then, we can always enjoy their ephemeral beauty while they bloom

What I’m wearing:

Lazy mornings… I want to stay cuddled up in my bed but work calls… Well, it is spring but still chilly outside (huh! This is UK, not getting warmer than this!) So, I've donned my black jumper with white collar, my new light purple maxi skirt (love itttt!!!), my favourite pair of nude t-bar pumps, and a pair of stunning golden stag head collar studs

The skirt is brand-new from eBay and a little creased and wrinkled, a couple of washes might do it good ;p

I am also carrying a black leather jacket, and my cute little orange-brown owl clutch…  The roughness of leather  compliments  the flowy softness of the chiffon skirt…

The early spring flowers, the sun and the welcoming warm breeze… Everything so romantic... Oh! This is the season of loveeee!!! Thank you for making my day so special… And thank you Ping, my lovely girlfriend, for taking these pics for me… love you much... Mmuuuuah!!!

I absolutely adore this owl bag, I take it everywhere… And the bracelet… Oooh! Shinny… I love bracelets… my guy teases me by calling me "crazy bracelet lady XD"… He's right in a way. I am crazy for bracelets :) 

And the new golden stag head collar studs I bought from ebay for only 99p is such a GREAT bargain, I can't even express how much am loving it! They add glamour to EVERY collared outfit, formal to casual.

Enjoy the spring and the lovely blossoms! Till next time,

Stay lovely…

With Love,