Super Easy Safety-Pin Bracelet

Okay, this DIY is so ridiculously simple I don't even know where to start………. 

Alright first of all you'll need some little golden safety pins. 


So, take out a handful of your pins and join them together as such (shown below) to make chains...

 Make two, three or how many ever chains you want. I made two and placed them side by side.

Now, you could do this or just skip this step - connect the two chains together, bridging them together with safety pins… I have kept mine plain (for now)...


Looks pretty and chic, lol! I can't even express how fun and easy this one was. 

Disclaimer: It obviously does not have to feel the same for you, I mean we all have our own choices. Well, I love it, it is simple and has a sort of "punk" appeal to it that challenges my goody-two-shoes persona :p...

Here are a few personal touches that you could add:
You could paint the pins up with different nail paints and make it a colourful pin bracelet. You could also add some charms to the chains. Orrrr… you could add beads and pearls to some of safety pins and add them to the bracelet. Let your creativity go WILD!!!

 So there you go, a super quick, simple and cute safety pin bracelet you can wear as a unique jewellery or even decorate your clothes by gilding the lily ;) 

Well, just my opinion!!!


Love always,