St. Patrick's day salad

If you remember, I mentioned last week that I will do fully raw mondays. Well, to be honest, I wasn't all raw today unfortunately (I had a cup of earl grey and some food too for my lunch), but I wanted to eat raw for the night. And since today is also St. Patrick's day I had an idea to make an all green salad especially to match the theme…

1. One avocado
2. One green pepper
3. A hand full of spinach
4. Lime juice
5. Hand full of Romanesco broccoli

So, it is a very simple recipe just like most salads with no or very little dressing.

First of all, prepare the spinach. Wash the leaves and keep in a bowl. Then cut up the avocado in to halves, remove the skin, the stone and chop it to small bits. Then add them to the leaves.

Now, start with the green pepper. Quarter the green pepper and chop it up just as you did with the avocado, and add to the salad too.

Finally, cut out some of the Romanesco broccoli (I personally cannot eat a lot of it raw so only took about four pieces), and either add it whole or cut it up in to smaller pieces before adding to the salad.

Finally, just before serving, add a dash of lime juice as dressing and it is all good to eat! Of course you can always add more varieties of green vegetables or substitute with anything else you like more than the ones I used.

Now wasn't this easy? So, enjoy the fresh, juicy, crunchy and succulent green salad for the St. Patrick's day...

Until next time,


With Love,