Football love!

Absolutely loved my 1st stadium experience at the Southampton Saints FC St. Mary's Stadium here in UK. Southampton Saints vs. Norwich city 4-2 Win by the home team…  Such a fantastic performance… 

After work (yes, even on saturdays I'm at the office, huff… Story of my life...), my friend and I set off for the long awaited match. It was all set to start at 15:00. God! I was starving… It was great that the student discount tickets entitled us to a meal voucher too. So, as soon as we got in to the stadium, we bought our (crappy) lunch with the vouchers and got to our seat (after much searching as I am BAD with identifying seats in such venues :p) while the game began

Southampton saints and Norwich city teams had already got on the pitch… The game begins… The whole game was 90 minutes long with 15 minutes break and extra times for any delays… First 5 minutes in to the match and the home team scored!!! After that, a lot of tossing and passing of the ball, number 23 from the opposite time getting on everyone's nerves as he was a pretty rough and dirty player…And then, half time! 10 extra minutes were given for the time loss due to foals and delays. And that was all for the 1st half… The crazy chorus from the crowd, the high octane yells, and the heart-racing excitement just before the goal... The electrifying energy of the crowd was more contagious than my 9th grade conjunctivitis outbreak at school :P

2nd half:
Saints scored 2 more goals within 25 minutes of the game, and we were all confident we had won but suddenly, just when we thought "...only about 20 minutes left," and the Saints started to take things easy when the Norwich teams scored 2 freakin' goals within 2 minutes… 2!!!! Everyone was aghast, and this time the guest team supporters sang their own songs. Pressure started to build up ever more, they were gaining and had more ball control than us…. Ball was not crossing the middle line towards our goal post anymore… AAANND...Time up! 45 minutes of second half were up, but 5 more minutes were added. 

I was like, "Just keep stalling them Saints," we all wanted it over already with Saints still on lead by 1 goal. And just at the last minute, just a few couple of seconds before the end, GOALLLLL!!! The last goal scored by Saints… And the match ended! The famous song by Queen's (the band), "Another one bites the dust" played in the background as the losing team stepped out disappointed while the winners rejoiced and happily waltzed off the field like real bosses :D… One of the best times of the year!!!

Fully packed ginormous stadium
Before the match...
5 minutes in and Saints score!!!
Saints rejoicing after their Goal
Referee had had it enough with the squabble between number 23 (Norwich) and number 9 (Saints)
Game On!!!
Half time field watering


With Love,