Refashioning boring notebooks to pretty diaries

So, if you have a boring notebook that you haven't used yet and want to make them into diaries, why not do it in style??? Make your own pretty diaries that would otherwise cost you £5-£10. Mine hardly came up to 50p, and it looks fairly cute and custom made ;)

Just Grab a notebook with plain, boring cover

Some old pieces of fabrics or patches of cloth, and you can make your own custom made diaries. 

I used a piece of an old table mat, made from dokhna (hand-woven silk or cotton traditional dress of the Bodos, click the link to read my post on it).

I also used:
1.) Yellow and blue ribbons, 

2.) Fabric glue, 

3.) Scissors, 

4.) Some feathers,

5.) Red gem flat-backs, 

6.) Fancy heart shaped paper clip, and

6.) Some glitter glues (which didn't look that great in my honest opinion :/), 

First measure the amount of cloth you would need to cover the book.

Cut out that bit (through dotted lines) and discard the rest.
Make incision through the dotted lines and also at the corners. Then fold the fabric only over the front cover sheet or hard cover of the notebook. Glue it with the fabric glue to ensure it will not shift.


Should look like this:

 Then paste the first page of the notebook over the fabric-covered region. 

Now, repeat the same on the other side. 

After the cover is all set and secured, use ribbons, glitter glues, flat backs or anything you fancy to decorate your cover. Or leave it the way it is if you use a very pretty fabric print.

I used red flat backs left over from my nude+red dress project and some ribbons I had in my DIY kit. I layered the ribbons, and added some glitter details (not a fan of this idea though). 

I also used some peacock feathers and pinned it at the top left corner of the note book with a heart shaped paper pin, and glued them secure.

Authentic and charming :)

Now, I didn't have enough fabric to cover the whole book at one go, so I had to improvise. For the back I cut out some more material from the table cloth and laid it in a different orientation from the front. This of course meant I will have a section where the two fabric pieces would meet. Once I covered the back, I used a yellow ribbon (since that matched the table cloth colour) and covered the join. 


All done

I hope this helped you save money on pretty diaries and gave you some simple ideas on how to repurpose old but pretty fabrics and also dramatise your notebooks ;)

Till next time,

Get Creative, Stay Creative ;)