DIY Glam Shoes

My graduation was coming up in July 2013. The dress code was formal dress and dark shoes.
I bought these shoes from ebay for only £9.99 (+ £3 for postage).

It's a black suede shoes with golden heels. Although I love them a lot the way they are, I wanted to start doing my own touch ups, my own signature to make them extra special, to glam it up and add more oomph ;) So, I decided to add some chic straps. All I needed was anklets, so, I bought a pair of triple rowed diamant√® anklets from ebay for £3 and some all purpose glue.

 I used two pieces of black ribbon, best to use elastic bands. Since this was my 1st DIY I made the mistake of using normal ribbons and that proved to be slightly difficult to put on and take off. I used the all purpose glue to glue the ends together and let it dry for few minutes.

 Once the ribbons were dry, I glued them to the back of the shoes and let them dry too.

I love the end result even more. 

Next time however I will make sure to use elastic ribbons, and will also try to add some touch ups like diamantè brooches, flowers, laces, etc. Stay tuned for more DIYs on shoes ;)

Have fun adding love to your own shoes :) 

Until then,