DIY: Tom Binns Style Necklace

Inspired by Lovemaegan's multi strand collective necklace of many designs and shapes, I made this from hoarding different types of chains and strands from 4 different charity shops.

Although it is not as chunky and perfect as Maegan's lovely necklace, I think mine turned out almost as good as I would like it to be. 

So, for this DIY all you need to do is use all sorts of different chains and beaded necklaces you have. For me I had none so instead I went to my local charity shops collecting and bagging some necklaces I thought would make a perfect addition to my idea. Once I had enough I started with the combining of the most matching strands.

Here are the necklaces I found:

   Transparent beaded necklace

This formed the base of my project.
  • Next I found a very long chain (double the length of the rest of the chains) comprising of pearls and diamant√® beads. I folded it once to give me the length I want.
  •  Necklace 3: this had golden chains and pearl chains

  • Necklace 4: this chain has black beads and is slightly shorter than all the other chains... 

The best part about these necklaces were that they were all almost the same length (or double in one case) to make the multi strand collective necklace.

I arranged them together and put them through one big loop so that they have a common point making sure the ends were secure

And there you go… A collective statement necklace ready to wear…

And this is how it turned out:

What other way to get creative and still be charitable? 

You can add more chains if you want or keep it simple… I would add some more pearls and see how it turns out.

Hope you liked it :)

Love always